Houses with A Soul... in Salamanca


(Thursday, September 1, 2022) Visitors who come to the city after September 1, 2022 will be able to discover and enjoy the joint cultural proposal of Monterrey Palace And of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco Museum — Casa Lis which was presented this morning:”Houses with soul... in Salamanca”. The cultural program created by both institutions and which begins with the combined visit to the two heritage sites in Salamanca, is offered to the national and international public as a quality experience focused on excellent tourism, as announced today in his presentation by the Cultural Director of the Casa de Alba Foundation, Álvaro Romero Sánchez-Arjona, Jennifer de Castro, manager of the Monterrey Palace, and the Director of the Casa Lis Museum, Pedro Pérez Castro, together with several patrons of the Manuel Ramos Andrade Foundation, as well as guests and media.

La Lis House, the current headquarters of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco Museum managed by the Manuel Ramos Andrade Foundation, And the Monterrey Palace, Residencia Salmantina del 19th Duke of Alba, Don Carlos Fitz-James Stuart, begin this close institutional collaboration with the launch of a joint entry that will allow its visitors to live a unique cultural and artistic experience,”that of delving into the soul of two unique houses in Salamanca that, although disparate in their origin and historical evolution, are linked by the artistic collections that can be enjoyed inside”.

Declared”architectural-artistic monument” the May 6, 1929 and reopened as a home in 1949, the Monterrey Palace It is the Salamanca residence of the 19th Duke of Alba, Don Carlos Fitz-James Stuart. This house lived in and in use which has been inhabited and visited by kings, nobles and illustrious figures for centuries, houses an outstanding artistic and furniture collection, as well as personal items Of the Dukes of Alba which offer an intimate look at one of the best-known noble houses in Spain. Among them are some of those that he acquired, collected and preserved Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart y Silva, 18th Duchess of Alba.

The mother of the current Duke, who resided in The Monterrey Palace and visited on several occasions the Lis House of Salamanca, carried out an intense work as collector following in the wake already started by the Casa de Alba in the 14th century. Thus, he added countless works to the excellent family artistic collection, including the objects of decorative arts than Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart acquired through the collector, patron and antiquarian Manuel Ramos Andrade.

The Casa Lis Museum Preserve and display 19 decorative arts collections with a time journey from the last decades of the 19th century to World War II and more than 2,500 pieces The only ones in our country that stand out dolls, chryselefantines, glasses, fans, jewelry, furniture, paints, bronzes, porcelain, perfumes and toys donated by the patron, antiquarian and collector Manuel Ramos Andrade from Salamanca. Most of the works on display are utility objects conceived with careful aesthetic criteria, a duality that has made them the testimony of an era and a way of living, as well as the objects and the artistic collection that can be admired in the Monterrey Palace.

these links between the two houses, the soul of Casa Lis And that of Monterrey Palace, will thrill visitors as if they were a journey back in time through two magical spaces, two places that have woven their present as the fruit of storyline of its residents, of the objects and works of art that were treasured, collected and preserved by those who approached them, inhabited them and turned them into households whose legacy is offered to us today in Salamanca.